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David Clavel

... begins the classical guitar in a municipal school, then has a passion for 70's rock that he perfected in a self-taught way through the musical sessions. He completes his training with a professional cycle at "Music’Halle" in Toulouse in 2002 then passes his DEM jazz conservatory Montauban in 2012.

Over the years, he falls in love with jazz and African music. Arriving in Toulouse, he joins in the gypsy jazz group «Les cordes avides». For 2 years he experiments with them the art of a street show.

In 1999 he meets the singer of "Mamywata" with whom he composed the show that takes them to the “printemps de Bourges” in 2001. Their collaboration lasts 15 years.

In 2003, his passion for Mandingo music takes a new dimension during a trip to Burkina Faso where he learns playing the goni. His way of playing guitar remains deeply influenced by this experience.

In the following years he develops the project “Kaa” (afro pop), "Nesselhiya" (gnawa rock), "Zem-Zem" (gypsy jazz) and "Marc Bienne" (French song).

Currently, he plays in the afrobeat band "Rabiouband", while also teaching guitar at the Montauban and Nègrepelisse conservatories.

His encounter with Dirk Vogeler in 2016 gives a fresh impetus to his creative spirit and "Mandiwa" is born.

Dirk Vogeler

... links traditionalism to a personal style making him a free instrumentist who expresses himself on the tenor saxophone, the soprano saxophone and the bass clarinet.

Dirk studies classical violin from an early age and discovers the tenor saxophone at the age of 17 in England. He begins studying fromally saxophone in Germany with the jazz musician Bernd Winterschladen and continues on his self-taught path, regularly meeting other teachers and musicians.

He is playing in rock and soul groups such as "Going Gaga" and "Giant Steps", solo or in brass sections. Between 1996 and 1999, he plays in Aachen in the saxophone quartet "Slang" and in Hamburg in the "Schräg" brass band. During a 2-year stay in Central Africa, he meets Cameroonian, Chadian and French musicians and confirms his love for world music.


After a break from musical activity, he learns to play the trombone and joins the Cuban music group "esencia latina" in Toulouse. Going back to his roots, he returns to his saxophones and is playing during 4 years with the montalban’s jazz quartet "adhocquartet".

In 2016 he meets his partner David Clavel and the bond is instantaneous. Through Mandiwa, the two "spiritual brothers" are refining their sound and exploring together their symbiotic musical universe.

In 2018, Dirk Vogeler is founding with the saxophoniste and bass clarinet player Laurent Rochelle the jazz duo "Saxicola Rubi".

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