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                       impressionistic jazz

David Clavel's guitar and Dirk Vogeler's saxophone create an intimate alchemy between exotic rhythms and personal melodies.

The energetic encounter between the Lozerian guitar singer and the German saxophonist releases a deeply peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Diwa, the root word of mandiwa, is a Filipino term that means spirit, soul, idea, thought and sense.

Rooted in African traditional music and with hints of jazz and blues, the subtlety and clarity of mandiwa arrangements lead the listener to a rich universe made of exoticism and classicism. The guitar either highlights the mellow sound of the saxophone or blends with it to form a texture in which the vocals of the two musicians penetrate. David Clavel's smooth voice interprets texts in French and in Songhai (Malian dialect).


The complicity of the 2 musicians, as much in their compositions as in their play, allows an individual expression which gives rise to authentic musical exchanges.

  The album "songes" - revealed

 in the Jazz Café Montparnasse -

   is available since June 2018 !

" A duo which gives you the chance of perceving a music which is like a pointillist painting … it’s almost minimalist, with soft touches, and its vocals give more volume to their melodies … "

Gilles Gaujarengues / intramuros

" The aerial show of great purity ... takes the listener to a state of reverie where his mind wanders and dreams. "

Jean-Constantin Colletto / DragonJazz

" The sound of the saxophone and the guitar mix harmoniously and let your mind wander into a world of dreams ... "

La Dépêche du Midi

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