links traditionalism to a personal playing, which makes him a free instrumentalist in different styles, expressing himself on the tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and bass clarinet.

He learned classical music with the violin from an early age and discovered the tenor saxophone at the age of 17 in England. He began his saxophone studies in Germany with the jazz musician Bernd Winterschladen and quickly continued his self-taught path, regularly meeting other teachers and musicians.

He plays in rock and soul groups such as "Going Gaga" and "Giant Steps", solo or in brass sections. Between 1996 and 1999, he played in Aachen in the saxophone quartet "Slang" and in Hamburg in the "Schräg" brass band. During a 2-year stay in Central Africa, he met Cameroonian, Chadian and French musicians and anchored his love for world music. After a break from musical activity, he learns to play the trombone and joins the Cuban music group "esencia latina" in Toulouse. “Back to the roots”, he recovers his saxophones and is playing during 4 years with the montalban’s jazz quartet "adhocquartet".

Since 2016 he is composing world music with the guitar player David Clavel and they are founding the duo « mandiwa ».

During the jazz festival « jazz en Comminges », he meets his future acolyte Laurent Rochelle and they are inventing the concept of the palindromic duo « Saxicola rubi ».


is a self-taught musician, saxophonist-clarinettist then composer, his eclectic and open nature allows him to feel at home in all types of music. Author of original music, his composing is influenced by classical and jazz music, combining

rigour of writing and soft experimental fantasy. Strongly inspired by the artistic movement of the surrealists

(Magritte, Bunuel, Svankmajer ...), his music is often imagery and full of poetry.


- Plays and composes for his jazz quartet, Okidoki / www.okidoki-quartet.com

- Since 2003, leads the Toulouse label Linoleum www.linoleum-records.com distributed by the Alllumes of jazz and Cd1D

- Composing music and producing soundtracks for puppetry shows

with “le Clan des songes” (Bout à bout in 2016, “Cités” in 2012, “Fragile”

in 2010, “La Nuit s’en va le jour” in 2008), touring all over France, in Europe and USA.

- Plays the Photo-concert "Montagne magique" with Juliette Carlier

(vibraphone) and Frédéric Schadoroff (piano).

- Since 2007 many compositions for the publisher Cezame music Agency

(Paris) and the Art melodies label for the audiovisual sector

- Plays since 2018 in the duo Saxicola Rubi with Dirk Vogeler